Talent Advisory
We consult our clients a number of topics including HR-Tech, Recruitment & Sourcing Strategy, People Operations.

We believe that every company is unique and has a different talent. Managing such talent requires a modern approach and ability to adapt the newest frameworks.

We develop a tailor-made PeopleOps Framework, provide our clients insights on each part People Operation, give detailed description and guidance on HR-Tech and carry out training sessions on selected areas.
Sourcing Solutions
The Challenge
The race for the best talent requires modern tools. With job boards and databases being outdated companies have to search and engage potential candidates directly using a complex search across various social networks and professional communities.
The Solution
As a talent search provider, we know how important it is to use the right instrument for to find a certain talent. We constantly monitor and try the latest search solutions for ourselves and would be happy to share our knowledge with you and help you to unlock the full potential of those tools
Applicant Tracking Systems
The Challenge
Storing CVs in the folders is a thing of the past, but with so many different ATS solutions on the market it's really hard to make a choice which suits your business best.
The Solution
We will provide you with a detailed review of each solution and help to pick the one that suits your business needs most.
PeopleOps Consulting
The Challenge
In the fast-paced business world, aligning HR strategies with employee needs is crucial. Traditional, policy-focused HR often overlooks individual employee aspirations, leading to reduced engagement and productivity. The key challenge is evolving from a policy-driven approach to one that truly values and develops each team member.
The Solution
PeopleOps approach champions a people-first strategy. We guide companies in building a flexible and empathetic environment that values individual talents. By empowering employees and fostering a culture of growth and collaboration, our approach not only attracts but retains top talent, propelling your company towards lasting success and innovation.
Culture as a Product
The Challenge
Your company culture is your most important product. Yet many companies use outdated HR frameworks built around policies, not people.
The Solution
Our philosophy centers on the idea that a company's culture is its most crucial product. We aim to update HR practices by prioritizing people, creating a vibrant and inclusive culture that resonates with the company's values and vision. This approach enhances employee engagement, boosts morale, and improves talent retention, transforming company culture into a dynamic asset that promotes success and innovation.
Recruitment Automation
The Challenge
A proper inbound recruitment can get you several hundreds of applicants for a single position. Human recruiters cannot handle this volume of candidates that is why up to 90% of inbound applicants are left without an initial screening or any feedback.
The Solution
We help you to set personalized recruitment automation, that will start the conversation with the candidates as soon as they apply, conduct the first screening, send a trial task & provide a feedback after each stage. Automation can be scripted or AI-fueled. Never lose a good candidate again because of the overtasked human recruiter.
Key benefits of using Talent Advisory
Savings for HR & Recruitment costs
Compared to hiring an old-fashioned internal recruitment team
Less cost per hire
Compared to working with an external recruiter/agency
Hiring team time saving
Compared to using the manual approach to recruitment
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